Here’s how they blog in Texas.

Are you ready for another great blogging in the classroom story?  Meet Lee Ferguson and her Allen, Texas AP Biology class blog.  Ms. Ferguson decided to start using a blog to enourage her students to think more about the effect of science and technology on society.  She creates short, summary blog entries gleaned from science news sites (like Scientific American, Science Daily, or the science section of CNN) and then requires her students to comment on at least 10 of the blog entries per six-week grading period. The blogging platform she uses (Edublogs) allows readers to post comments to one another, making the blog less of a one-way street.  It also puts Ms. Ferguson in the moderator’s seat so that she can watch for any inappropriate content and keep the forum on track.   Says Ms. Ferguson, “The blog has become a wonderful teaching and learning tool that I think has been truly effective so far.  The kids will come to class and discuss articles that have been posted with me and with each other.”  Reading the students postings gives you a sense of the thoughtful way they approach the assignment and the excitement that the blog is helping to build.   Ms. Ferguson goes on to say, “I firmly believe that what we teach the kids should not be viewed by them as something isolated that will never affect them and that being a scientifically literate citizen not only makes them better consumers, it makes them better stewards of their environment, better care takes of loved ones. ”        Indeed. 


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