Who’s Reading?

A recent report from the National Endowment for the Arts found that 53 percent of Americans surveyed hadn’t read a book in the previous year.  Oh my.  And yet, in 2007 an astonishing 400,000 books were published.  And that number has been going up every year.  Publishing industry analysts chalk these staggering publication numbers up to the rise in print-on-demand and self-publishing web sites. Technorati estimates that 175,000 new blogs are created worldwide each day.  BookSurge, Amazon’s print-on-demand subsidiary, has announced partnerships with many of the major publishers in order to help keep their back and deep-backlists in print and viable.  The self-publishign web site, Lulu, that I’ve used quite succesfully, boasts 15,000 new registrations a week.

So, while there may not be that many readers out there, there sure are a lot of writers.  Certainly, one of the most important breakthroughs of this Web 2.0 world we’re living in is the encouragement and venue it’s given all of us to tell and then share our stories.

Now, if there was only someone there to read them…


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