calendar view in swurl

calendar view in swurl


There’s a new tool in town.  Swurl is one-stop shopping for all the stuff you’re creating online. With a Swurl account, you can weave together your blog, Flickr photos, tweets, Facebook entries, book marks, movie and music preferences into one spot, in a blog-like format.  I just tried it and it’s very easy.  You sign up and then provide the user names or RSS feed links from your various web locations.  Right now Swurl supports a healthy list of web sites (Amazon, Blogger, WordPress, Twitter, Yelp, Del.iciou.us, Facebook, FriendFeed, Pandora, Picasa, etc) and they say they will add more every week.

Once you’ve created your Swurl, whatever you do in those other locations will be fed in.  The part of this that I like best is their very elegantly designed timeline.  Clicking on the timeline tab on your swurl takes you to a nicely designed calendar.  The messages, bookmarks, photos, movies, and blog entries you’ve saved all come up in a calendar view.  It’s a nice way to look back over the months (and years!) and put your online creations/preferences into a new context.

What other uses might this interesting aggregator have?


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