CoveritLive: Live Blogging


The Writer's Console in CoveritLive

The Writer's Console in CoveritLive

Live, interactive blogging.  Interesting idea, eh?  CoveritLive is a free live-blogging tool could take blogs to a different level.  To test it out, you just go to their site, register (no downloads necessary), then copy the embedded code they give you into your blog and you’re ready to roll (there’s a nice demo movie on their site to walk you through it). You, as the writer, are given a “Writer’s Console” (pictured here) that looks different to what your participants see.  The console is your hub.  Using this you can post entries, questions, add polls, audio and video files.  The console also displays the readers’ comments on the right side.  

I can see this turning blogging into a much more immediate and active experience.  Imagine teachers setting up a “live blog time” (almost like office hours) when students could get online, post questions, discuss, and work through problems.  It would also be great for covering a live event (a conference, a field trip, or a lab as it was unfolding).   

When your live blog is finished, the window converts itself into an “Instant Replay” window.  So readers can view/read the live blog later, if they missed the live session. 

Cautionary note:  it works best with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.


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