Mapme screenshot  - Mexico City Historical District

Mapme screenshot - Mexico City Historical District



Here’s an interesting looking, new tool – Mapme.  It’s a free Google Maps widget that will let you create your own, personalized maps, using Google Maps data, and then embed the resulting flash application in any web site that lets you edit the HTML.

Here’s how it works.  Go to the site, sign in, and then you can create your own “map” with a series of markers (hotspots).  From there, you can annotate each hotspot with a text description, tags, photos or video of the location, and links.  Once your map is live, others can comment on your spots. 

Once you’ve created your “map” you can export it to your own website by generating embeddable code right there on the mapme site.  As another option, you can just generate a link to your map on the mapme site or create an RSS feed.

I’m imagining a map created of Darwin’s stops on his voyage, nesting areas for local birds populations, biome examples, hot spots to explain global warming, data collection sites for a field study, stops on a nature hike…  Students could create maps of their own field study projects or their favorite nature spots in the area.

What can you imagine doing with this?


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