Don’t you just love the web?

So here’s a great web 2.0 story for you.  I was so taken with Pixton (see entry just below this one), that I wrote it up on this blog.  I played around with their embed feature but couldn’t get it to work with WordPress (a common problem with wordpress and one of the reasons why I’d consider moving my blog to another provider).  So, instead, I just took a screen shot of the comic I created and upload the picture to the blog entry. 
Yesterday, I get an email from “Clive”, who works for Pixton.  He tells me that he saw my blog post, liked it, and wondered why I hadn’t taken advantage of their embed feature.  I wrote him back and thanked him, also telling him how impressed I was that he’d found my post, and explained that I couldn’t get their embed feature to work with WordPress. He wrote back, explaining the Google spider crawl method they use to find any posts on their product, and told me he’d poke around to figure out why the embed functionality hadn’t worked.  Thirty minutes later, he writes again with a very helpful solution (vodpod – a plug-in that you can use to easily add video to your posts), which I tried and it worked like a charm.
What’s more, I posted that same blurb about Pixton on a couple of the listservs that I frequent and have since gotten a bumper crop of emails back from teachers who’ve now tried the application and loved it.
Don’t you just love the web?

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