Have you heard about the transforming building?  I just love this story.  This building in the photograph above, was designed by the Dutch architect, Rem Koolhaas, to shift its shape to fit the desired use.  Each of the four sides within the structure’s tetrahedron contain a different shape, better suited to a specific venue.  When the structure rested on the hexagon, it was optimal for a fashion show.  Then it was flipped (using cranes) to rest on the rectangle – just right for a cinema. Later, yet another flip will make it suitable for an art exhibition. The Prada Transformer launched in Seoul, South Korea in April 2009.  It will be there for five months and then dismantled and shipped to Milan, where, I suppose, it can be shape-shifted again for yet another purpose.  Hmmm…a nice reminder about the value of resilience.  Here’s a self-running montage, made of stills, so that you can see the structure it in its various morphs.


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