Clever Use of VoiceThread

Exam review using VoiceThread.

Exam review using VoiceThread.

My friend, Tod Duncan (UC Denver) just sent this VoiceThread link to me.  It will take you to a Voicethread that he created to review the results of a recent exam given in his introductory biology course.  There’s so much to love about this!

First off, I appreciate the tone of he takes in the recording.  A friendly, casual, companionable, let’s-you-and-I-just-talk-this-through sort of tone.  That’s bound to put the students at ease. I really like the way he subtley reinforces good test-taking strategies, like thinking through the way to eliminate impossible or unlikely choices in a multiple choice exam.

It also strikes me that reviewing an exam this way would be extremely efficient.  Rather than go over the test individually with students during office hours, one by one by one, students can link to this VoiceThread and listen to it.  And they can listen as many times as they need to.  He could also use this with future students, as a test preparation tool.  It’s unlikely Tod will use the same exam questions next time around, but hearing their instructor’s analysis of past assessment items will help them prepare for new ones.  Tod just posted this so, right now, there are no student comments embedded, but using the comment feature in VoiceThread, students could post further questions or requests for clarification to Tod or to their fellow students and get a conversation started.  Brilliant, just brilliant.


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4 responses to “Clever Use of VoiceThread

  1. Kylee Tindall

    Hi Robin

    I have read some of your posts and find them very interesting. I have just taken a graduate certificate course in E learning in New Zealand. This technology is all very new to me. I am a face to face tutor and have never experienced any e learning tools, so you can imagine how different this learning is for me.
    As part of our task this week. we have read up on blogging and we need to post an entry about this. We must also make contact and interview a regular blogger and interview them about: How they think a blogging network could benefit from facilitation services. e.g conferencing with each other on a toipc etc. Do you have time to share your thoughts about this question with me? My blog is or you can contact me via email or leave a comment and I will pick it up via your blog.

    I really would appreciate your comments.

    Many thanks


    • rheyden

      Hi Kylee,
      Great to hear from you and thanks for reading my blog. I love the idea of a New Zealand educator reading these words, and the blog giving us an opportunity to reach out to each other. Would be happy to talk with you some more about this. Shall we email?

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