Educators Group in Second Life: Session 6

Session #6: Building a Pillow

It was a building session today on Jokaydia with our Second Life Educators Group.  Chimera Cosmos (RL:  Liz Dorland) cooked up a terrific lesson to make a pillow from a torus.  This resulted in learning about the torus prim and what can be done with it  – stretch it squish it, adjust the hole size, texture it, drag a sit pose into it – and voila!  The group does a great job following Chimera, and they have her comicbook-style handout to refer to if they get lost.  I play sweeper and help anyone out who is having trouble.

Comicbook-style handout, created by Chimera Cosmos (Liz Dorland)

Chimera has a great teaching style, honed over years of teaching chemistry at the college level, based on constructivist methods. Here’s an example from the session today:  “There are two ways to change the size…type into chat what those are for me…”  (note, she throws in a few lindens as added motivation for correct answers) “And if you want your torus to be a round pillow, two of those numbers need to be the same – which two?  x and y, x and z, or y and z?  Type to me when you know.”  After she gets the students answers – “Ok, now try it.  Did that work?  …What’s something else you could try?”

I also played the role of videographer (and photographer) today.  Thanks to helpful suggestions from Jenn Forager and Corwin Carillon (who commented on earlier blog posts) and an old CogDog blog post, I learned about and downloaded Soundflower (and was therefore able to control my sound inputs and outputs).  Then I fired up Screenflow.  As a result, we now have a very nice video of the building lesson, for posterity.  Here’s clip from it:

After the teachers finished with their pillows (and rode around on them), we had a miniature map lesson – how to use it, teleport with it, find stuff, locate yourself, and generate a SLurl.


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