Oh, Pair!

Pairs (from a New Yorker cover)

Lately, I’ve become fascinated with images of pairs.  Twos.  Doubles.  A dyad. Two, two, two mints in one.  The number following one, yet preceding three. The first (and only even) prime number.  My interest in twos bloomed when one day

Shoveling Twins

last winter, while waiting at a traffic light, I spotted this lovely pair of twins (is that the way you refer to twins?  feels redundant…). They were older women, maybe in their 70’s, but they were identical.  They were out there in the cold – wearing matching boots, hats, and coats – shoveling snow. With identical shovels. Even in that domestic ritual, their two-ness stood out as remarkable.  I quickly snapped a photo.

And the die was cast.

I started looking for – and finding –  intriguing pairs everywhere. It was the classic situation where, when you start thinking about something, it seems to find you. Everywhere I looked I spotted pairs.

But I thnk it’s really the sense of the two items as a pair that caught my fancy. Pair from the Latin, par, for equal.  The notion that two of anything, in our crazy universe, could be identical – or if not completely identical, similar.  Of if not similar, equal. The symmetry of it.  The inevitable comparison.  Ultimately – the relationship between them.

So, here, for your two-some pleasure.  Are a few of my favorite “pair” photos. You can find the complete set here (still growing) on Flickr.



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2 responses to “Oh, Pair!

  1. Steve Barry

    Love this. Thanks a lot, Robin, now I’m going to see pairs everywhere! With 2 young girls, we HAVE to have 2 of everything or else WWIII erupts!

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