Another Online Virtual World – Jibe

Log-in Screen for Jibe

Will the fun never end?  After my initial foray onto JokaydiaGRID, Jenn Forager took Chimera Cosmos and I on a quick jaunt to Jibe – a new virtual world running on the Unity 3D web player. Unity is a game development tool that creates immersive, 3D spaces within a web browser.  In order to check Jibe out, all you do is download a web player patch for your browser, type in a url for a particular virtual spot (here’s the one we visited), pick an avatar (from a menu of 13 choices), type in your name when prompted (entering as a guest) –  and, poof, you’re there.

Jibe - a virtual world delivered in a web browser

As you can see from the photo, it’s a very streamlined interface with no inventory, camera controls, or movement controls.  You click on your avatar and then move him/her with your mouse.  Similarly you change your perspective with your mouse. The motion is very fluid and responsive.  No voice, but there is text chat.   While it doesn’t offer anywhere near the sophistication of Second Life, it certainly is easy. The whole process was very similar in feel to what you need to do the first time you attend a live webinar in Elluminate.  This would be a good potential solution for businesses looking for a place to hold virtual meetings who do not want to make the larger commitment of downloading software and learning to navigate.

Unity has the following minimum requirements:  Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 or Mac OSX 10.3.9. Here’s an article about Jibe in New World Notes.  And here’s what it looks like in the Jibe world, hanging around as yet another new avatar.


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9 responses to “Another Online Virtual World – Jibe

  1. Hi Robin –
    great name by the way – tehe

    Jibe does offer voice capabilities using Vivox voice for Unity – we use it on on ReactionGid Jibe.
    We have been working with Vivox over the last 6 months of so to make this a feature available to our clients and others too.
    Some Jibe worlds have not yet subscribed to this feature but others have. Vivox has been great in helping us to test and implement – let us know if you would like a demo of this and we would be happy to show you!
    Have a great day!
    Robin at ReactionGrid

    • rheyden

      Thanks for letting me know about using VIvox with Jibe, Robin. That sounds like a good solution. Would love to see a demo!

  2. What a great summary of the current state of Jibe and how it should be used. Smartly written! Thank you.

  3. Trevor Meister

    Just a note, if anyone visits the link listed you will probably get a bit of a shock…
    I’m just in the process of switching to the Unity 3 based version of Jibe and haven’t upgraded the older project (the scene you visited) to unity 3 format. I guess I better get on that…because right now its more like what you get when you open a new [generic application] document…pretty sparse.

    • rheyden

      Thanks for the heads-up, Trevor. How much work is it to create these scenes? And is it similar to building/creating in Second Life?

      • Trevor Meister

        Once you are set up using the unity editor is pretty easy. It is different from opensim/SL (TM) in that the world is built offline. Unity handles terrain, sky, water, interactions, lighting etc. and has a few basic 3d primitives. To create unique content a program like Blender, 3ds max or other 3D modeling tool would be used or you can import a variety of already available 3D assets. Someone fairly familiar with Unity and Blender could do an awful lot in a short period of time.

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