Principles of Workplace Learning

Continuous learning is the only sustainable advantage that business has.

— Charles Jennings, former Chief Learning Officer, Reuters and Thomson Reuters

Forum Corporation, a learning solutions company for business (and author of the recent Harvard Business Press book, Strategic Speed), has just published an online resource entitled “Principles of Learning” Full disclosure:  I was involved in the project’s research and writing.

I found this work absolutely fascinating.  What we attempted to do was to identify key trends impacting learning in the workplace today.  What’s helping?  What’s hurting?  And what’s happening?  The investigation was informed by interviews with experts in the field – George Siemens, Charles Jennings, Srini Pillay, and a host of others, as well as interviews with learning and development professionals in a range of industries.

Here are the six principles examined in the document:

Each principle receives a full exploration, accompanied by small vignettes (case studies) to help illustrate the point.  In addition to the web site, Forum will be publishing a support Tool Kit (specific tools and startegies) on, starting on November 15th.  But you can take a sneak peak of the Tool Kit here.

There are some fascinating ideas here – kudos to Forum for putting together such a thoughtful exploration of the learning issues facing business today.


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