Mirrors Within Mirrors

Photo credit: Azarius

Do you remember that strange, recursive effect, when you are sitting in a barber shop or hair-cutting salon and there is a mirror in front of you and a mirror behind you?  Mirrors within mirrors within mirrors….very Godel, Escher, Bach. Or maybe more like Alice in Wonderland….

Well, I just created the same effect, but this time in the virtual world.  Thanks to my buddies at Tools.Jam (organized every week by the amazing Jenn Forager, Tuesdays at 12:30 EST), I learned about a desktop sharing application called YuuGuu. This is not a free application, but they do have a free 7-day trial.  So I signed up, downloaded the app, and started up a desktop sharing session (you can have as many as 30 people in your session).  YuuGuu gives you a url and a PIN to share with those you are inviting to gaze at your desktop.  Then I fired up Second Life, rezzed a media screen, and plopped the YuuGuu url into the web-on-a-prim address field.  Zooming in on the screen, I entered the PIN number and hit the “connect” button…and voila!  There I was, as my avatar, Spiral Theas, looking at Spiral Theas on Robin’s desktop.  I think my head is going to explode. Dang, that’s cool

Spiral Theas, looking at Spiral Theas on Robin's desktop.



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11 responses to “Mirrors Within Mirrors

  1. What fun! and a great post.

  2. Liz Dorland

    Cool! Since Chimera was late, I almost forgot what you guys Weser testing out. Will have to try that. Wondering how it will be foroutsiders to look in.

  3. Tod Duncan

    My head just broke. Great.


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  5. Barb

    Can we use your photo mirrors within mirrors in our newsletter if we credit Azarius? Thanks.

  6. Naoufel

    how you are making this picture “” Photo credit: Azarius”” and thanks

  7. Zack F

    May I also use the photo for a school project?

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