Learning in Action: Interview #2 with Ruth Gleicher

For the last week, I’ve been blogging about my ride, alongside Illinois high school teacher Ruth Gleicher, as she works to revise an ecological succession project for her AP Biology students. Last night, Ruth and I spoke, via Skype, and I recorded the conversation.  In this recording, Ruth reveals her thinking process about the assignment, the materials she’s created in the last few days (since our last interview), the project format options her students will have, the timeline for the project, and her expectations for the outcomes.  Here’s the recording:

Ruth Gleicher Interview #2

Here are the materials that Ruth refers to in the recording:

The storyboarding guide:  storyboardfordunesproject.

The project’s RAFT rubric:  DunesRAFTrubric.

The reading guide:  readingguideindianadunes.

The student image collection:  ImagecollecitonforDunesTrip.

To sum up the project’s timeline….

9.20.11  Students will go on field trip to the Indiana Dunes

9.27.11  Storyboards due

10.6.11  Student projects posted

10.21.11  Ruth evaluates projects

One of the many things I admire about Ruth’s plan is that she’s made room in the schedule for input and refinement.  There are two weeks between when the students post their projects and when she evaluates them.  Projects will appear on the class blog site, comments are encouraged, and the link will be shared with other AP Biology teachers and content experts.  Based on the feedback they receive, students have the opportunity to refine and improve their projects.  With this interesting addition, Ruth is modeling the network effect at its best. Wonderful.


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