Taking Up the Ten Tools Challenge

"I accept your challenge!"

“I accept your challenge!”

Jane Hart has thrown down an intriguing 2013 gauntlet:  commit yourself to learning how to use ten new technology tools in 2013.  What a great way to walk the talk. I often extol the teachers I work with to invest time to learn new tools or adjust their use of frequently used tools.  Afterall, learning how to use a new media tool is the perfect place to be in order to help others do the same.  Beginner’s mind has a way of helping us to find new approaches, fresh perspectives, and empathy.

In her blog post about the challenge, Jane suggests you devise your list of new tools (ok, I’m working on it), go public with your commitment and write a blog post about your plan (check), tackle one tool per month (gotcha), and blog about the experience each month with a final, culminating blog post at the end of the year reflecting on the whole experience (righto).  I love this idea.  Not only does it give some structure to something that I should do anyway, Jane will network the people joining her in the challenge so that we can all learn from each other.  I’m already learning as I read the blog posts of others taking up the challenge…like Joitske Hulsebosch (Lasagna and Chips), David Kelly, Michael Mades, and Tracy Ross.

So, I accept your challenge, Jane.  And thanks for extending it!


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4 responses to “Taking Up the Ten Tools Challenge

  1. Hi Robin, I will follow your 10 tools challenge!

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