Getting Your Feet Wet


Peggy Brickman

Peggy Brickman

Peggy Brickman (University of Georgia) lead a terrific workshop this week at the Biology Leadership Conference (#BLC10).  The workshop focused on conducting education research, even if you’re not an education researcher.  She gave a useful summary of the characteristics of good research questions:

  • Yield results that move the field forward
  • Firmly situated in the literature
  • Actionable, feasible, sharply focused
  • Reveal meaningful underlying mechanisms 

To companion those, Peggy outlined the most common mistakes people make in formulating their research questions.  Here are common problems that reduce a research question’s interest to others (and to publications):

  • Questions that have answers with limited interest (limited scope)
  • Questions that have been previously addressed
  • Questions that aren’t expressed in a testable way
  • Underdeveloped or insufficiently defined questions
  • Questions for which there was inadequate or poor assessment.

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  1. nheyden

    Nice to experience a bit of the BLC from afar. Are we surprised education research is as rigorous as other academic research? Lower expectations and standards?

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