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GRC Science Viz: The Neuroscience of Magic

Are these two photos the same or is there a difference?

On Wednesday, our GRC Science Viz conference had a very special treat – an evening talk given by Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde, from the Barrow Neurological Institute (in Phoenix, AZ).  Authors of the book Sleights of Mind and many articles in Scientific American, Nature, and Science, they are both Ph.D. neurobiologists and research lab directors at Barrow, where they study various aspects of visual, sensory, and cognitive neuroscience.

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GRC Science Viz: Opening Day

I just arrived at the Science and Education Visualization Gordon Conference in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  The conference is being held this year at Bryant University, just northwest of Providence.  140 scientists, artists, researchers, museum designers, and graphic designers have gathered here for this five-day, intensive meeting.  All the sciences are represented here – biology, chemistry, physics, math, computer science, cognitive psychology, astronomy, and geology – the emphasis is on interdisciplinary connections, as applied to visualizations.

One wonderful aspect of this interdisciplinary conference is that the speakers stay for the duration – no parachuting in to give their talk and leave. With the agenda structured as it is, to allow for maximum time for discussion, there is plenty of opportunity to extend the conversation and explore the intriguing ideas presented by those speakers.  In addition to that, the program offers a visionary mini grant program (three grants of $6k each, funded by the National Science Foundation).  All attendees have the opportunity to write and submit proposals for these mini grants, which are awarded in September.  What a terrific idea to seed new ideas and foster collaboration.

I will attempt to blog the conference (posting the blogs at the conference’s conclusion), but will not be able to capture all of the speakers.

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