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A Farewell to 2009

2010.  The tenth year of the third millennium and of the 3rd century and the first of a new decade.  Well, well. What’s the end-of-year/beginning-of-year tradition without a bit of retrospective, right?  And, per usual with the never-ceases-to-amaze-me web, there are all sorts of great resources out there to assist us with our reflections.  Here, for your delectation are a few to ponder….

Regretable errors in the 2009 news. I love this site – a look at some entertaining (and stunning!) errors from the news world.

Gotta have a look at the best  movies of 2009.

Publisher’s Weekly gives us the best books of 2009 (top 10 as well as best 100)

Sports videos of 2009.

Here’s a month-by -month timeline of some key events affecting US life science in 2009.

Dave Barry’s always good for a yuck – check out his 2009 review.  And JibJab did another video, this one to commemorate the happenings of the last year.

Best films of 2009, according to Roger Ebert.

Best songs of 2009, according to NPR listeners, on the All Songs Considered web site.

David Bianculli (of TV Worth Watching) did a really interesting retrospective on the best television shows of 2009.

And since my blog is really about educaton and technology, I have to share a few reflections on those topics…so here’s CNN’s list of the top ten technology trends of the year along with the top ten trends in web design from Smashing Magazine.  Undoubtedly this was the year of the “app”, so here are the most used iphone apps of 2009. Here’s a look at the year in the virtual world of Second Life.  Here’s a great review of the best of the blogosphere in 2009. And this revealing wordle made up of a collection of “one word” answers, from Twitterers and Facebookers, to the question, “how would you summarize 2009?”. For the first time in its history, Facebook was the #1 most visited website in the United States on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year, according to traffic analyst firm Hitwise. Check it out.

2009 Trendblend Map

And I’ve got to share a few visualizations to assist your reflections….This site includes more than just 2009, but it shows some of the best data visualizations available on the web. Or how about this (pictured at the left) 2009 trend-blend map, on the nowandnext web site.  Pretty cool, eh?

What have you seen out there that might add to our “reflection pool”?

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