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Now that’s taking extinction seriously!

Mole cricket tattoo

Most of us worry about the growing list of endangered species, many of us donate time or money to groups who work to protect them, but how many of us have taken steps to promote the cause by tattooing images of extinct organisms on our bodies?  I mean, really.  I ask you?

Well, 100 dedicated folks in Great Britain have.  That’s how seriously they’re taking it.  It started with a group called ExtInk and a November, 2009 exhibit of drawings, illustrating 100 of the most endangered species in the British Isles. Creatures like the water vole, the tundra swan, and narrow-leaved hellaborine.  It concluded with the live tattooing of the drawings on 100 willing volunteers. Apparently, you had to apply for the priveledge of having one of these tatoos (would love to read a few of those letters!).  Here’s the full list of all the participants, along with which tatoo they received.

I love the idea of these 100 people, walking around as bold biodiversity ambassadors.  Can’t you imagine the conversation?  “What’s that on your arm?”  …”Oh, that?  Well, that’s a red-backed shrike.  Let me tell you about it…”

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Ten Words to Stop Mis-spelling

Just found this great poster (available for $13.95.) featuring ten words that are classically mis-spelled, along with strategies to help avoid the typical pitfalls.  On the poster are classic stumblers like “affect” vs. “effect”, “a lot”, “loose” vs. “lose”, and “weird” (not “wierd”).  Whew, did I ever recognize myself in that poster.  But what I really love about it is that the clever cartoons on the poster give you a handy (and memorable!) way to remember the rule.  What a great example of using visualizations to guide and reinforce the learning.

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