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Report from Oxford and the Science Visualizaton Conference

I’m in Oxford, England this week, attending a science visualization conference.  There are scientists from many academic traditions (chemistry, computational science, cognitive psychology, physics, astronomy, computer science, and biology), gathering to ponder the questions related to how we visualize our science.

The five-day meeting is structured with sessions in the morning and evening, afternoons are free for collaborating and networking.  And every one of the 150 people here is someone with whom you would want to collaborate.

First a word on Oxford.  What a place.  The conference is being held in Magdalene College (pronounced “Maudlin”), first established in 1458.  The buildings of the college, along with most of the buildings in Oxford, are made from Costwold limestone.  DSCN1384The limestone has this unique, rich honey color to it which lends a golden glow to the whole place. And it’s such an interesting contrast to walk, bathed in this golden glow, while looking up at the most grotesque and frightening looking gargoyles adorning the buildings.


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