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Sloan-C Day Two: Howard Rheingold

Howard Rheingold

How could a day start any better than listening to a Howard Rheingold talk?  I ask ya.  And here’s how he began…

Learning should be…

– learner-centered

– social and peer-to-peer

– networked

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Sloan-C Conference: Day Two

A SLOAN-C Welcome

Couldn’t help but smile when I opened my hotel room door (stumbling out to forage for coffee) to find a shrink-wrapped copy of the Chronicle of Higher Education (with special online education insert) on my doorstep.  Ah, yes…I am in the right place. Here at SLOAN-C, I feel like I’m steeping in the most satisfying cup of tea, surrounding by smart, adventurous thinkers who see education as an exciting landscape, full of potential.  Hundreds of sessions (each one sounds like something I’d like to hear about), live twitter feeds displayed around the hallways, each session’s outside the room poster includes a QR code (shown above), the exhibit hall chock-full of intriguing products and services, and even a smart phone app to create your own personalized conference schedule.

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Report from Orlando: Attending My First Sloan-C Conference

Fun From Orlando, FL

I’ve always wanted to come to this conference, and here I am.  Reporting live. I arrived this afternoon (it’s in Orlando, FL this year – the 17th annual – at the Dolphin Hotel on Disney property) and, as I’m beginning to scribe this first post, the Disneyworld fireworks are going off in the background (a fitting end to a very exciting day).

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